Would you wear this hairstyle to YOUR job?

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I like it and I want to. I just don't feel like any hair drama on the job though. So I'll refrain for now until I get the courage up.

Would you rock this style on the job?

montage-3.gif No MAS.

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  • cassadie3cassadie3 Posts: 506Registered Users
    absolutely! the earrings, maaaybe not, but definitely the hair!
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  • dmarie21dmarie21 Posts: 213Registered Users
    Definitely, yes.
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  • curlsugarcurlsugar Posts: 240Registered Users
    i totally would. it's gorgeous and i don't think it's unprofessional. but! it depends on your work environment. sadly it probably wouldn't fly in a more conservative workplace like banking or finance.
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  • NaturalistaNaturalista Posts: 5,491Registered Users
    Yep and I have, only thing is covering up with scrub bonnets is a trial. LOL!

    Nothing unprofessional about this look. Its beautiful and simple.
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  • tae082tae082 Posts: 537Registered Users
    I have and everyone loves it when I do. I work in a restaurant as a chef and everyone loves this soo much more than my afro puff. However the puff has gotten me the nickname black sunflower or simply flower. My french chef was so in love with my hair.
  • rosscdrosscd Posts: 464Registered Users
    I work in banking and would totally rock it...
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  • LadyV69LadyV69 Posts: 3,397Registered Users
    It looks like a WnG or a twistout. I've been rocking a style similar to this on and off for weeks, now. My hair isn't as thick or as long, though. It's fine for a lot of office environments.
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  • naturalnatnaturalnat Posts: 124Registered Users
    I actually just wore my hair like that to work. I had on a headband to keep the hair out of my face. I wasn't planning on my hair being so big, but I couldn't be bothered trying to tame it. So I just wore it to work... I got a ton of compliments. In my mind it was a simple braiout gone wrong/wild but people thought it was so cute.
  • aubinaubin Posts: 286Registered Users
    I wear my hair in a similar style and I work in a professional environment. IMO loose curly styles tend to be more acceptable these days in professional environments than braids or twists (which is how I'd prefer to wear my hair).
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  • msjaimmsjaim Posts: 948Registered Users
    im a banker and i wear my hair loose like/similar to that.
  • capricapri Posts: 56Registered Users
    yes. i teach at a university and used to wear buns all the time. for the last few weeks since my hair has gotten healthier with CG methods i've been wearing my hair similarly (loose fluffy twist out). i think i look professional and have been getting a lot of positive feedback :)
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  • eccentric_kurlzeccentric_kurlz Posts: 4,144Registered Users
    That's a wash n go, and it's pretty normal around here. Even in DC. In fact, you see a lot of loose naturals floating around, even working in what is considered more conservative/corporate environments, so yup....I'd have no problems wearing my hair like that.
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  • ReekyReeky Posts: 1,323Registered Users
    yes.. i do, matter a fact i did today! I was weary of it at first.. wore it like that for a week and when i came back the next week with my hair straightened my boss said "what happened to the pretty curls?" so from then on it was a go!! Especially because it was more of a "crazy fro"..

    Ive only gotten compliments when i wear my hair like this.. only one person said something negative and he was a 10yr old so i didnt care, went something on the lines of "bad hair day?" my response, "no, how about i didnt comb it at all.. problem?"

    I would wear my hair like this to any job i have however, other than jobs like the military or security (TSA at LAX) where everyone has to wear your hair pinned up or a certain way. If its your natural texture someone cannot tell you you cannot wear your hair that way when others are doing it, its discrimination & i will be quick to call it out! The lady with the straight hair can just wash hers and walk out the door and still be "professional" why cant I?
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  • ~Curly~~Curly~ Banned Posts: 772Banned Users
    Hairstyle? Her hair doesn't even really looked combed/coiffed to me, Just the way it kinda comes out of her head.. My hair is way curlier and can get way bigger than that and yep i rock it daily lol.. Why would someone be embarrassed to rock what comes out of a lot of folks heads naturally?
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  • coshun2003coshun2003 Posts: 199Registered Users
    I would.
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  • empressriempressri Posts: 4,812Registered Users
    my hair is like that now....not her EXACT texture but i wear it like that all of the time to work.
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  • Alice_42 Alice_42 Posts: 791Registered Users
    yes and I have :)

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  • 3c4d7zwhatevs3c4d7zwhatevs Posts: 1,589Registered Users
    yes and I have :)
    +1 I have and do now that I have it in a fro.
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  • AmberBrownAmberBrown Posts: 1,072Registered Users
    Before seeing the picture, I was imagining something really ' a 50 foot braided/weaved masterpiece or something lol. Kinda letdown to see my everyday hairstyle :laughing1: Does this seem radical to you, OP?
  • Chickied614Chickied614 Posts: 32Registered Users
    amnisa08 wrote: »
    Before seeing the picture, I was imagining something really ' a 50 foot braided/weaved masterpiece or something lol. Kinda letdown to see my everyday hairstyle :laughing1: Does this seem radical to you, OP?

    Lol i totally agree i was like "oh really that's it!?" I mean in all honestly why wouldn't you rock that style and why wouldn't you be allowed to? Its pretty much how our hair grows so if someone told you you can't wear your hair loose then they might as well tell all their other employees with their long straight hair that they can't wear it loose either because you can't help it that that's how your hair looks when its down and out IMO :)
  • Sandy CoilsSandy Coils Posts: 662Registered Users
    Does this hair count? Because clearly you can see that I am at my desk at work.



    (Dang! This was my best hair day ever.)
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  • katherinelovesevryonekatherinelovesevryone Posts: 230Registered Users
    looks like your everyday WNG to me
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  • BekkaPooBekkaPoo Posts: 3,861Registered Users
    Yep.. why not?
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  • Booker Ts MamaBooker Ts Mama Posts: 670Registered Users
    If my hair had "hang" like that I would definitely rock it with pride.
  • EllyEllyOxenFreeEllyEllyOxenFree Posts: 6,446Registered Users
    I agree with the other ladies; looks like a WnG to me! My hair isn't that long, but when it is, yes, that will be what I wear to work!
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  • NubianCoilsNubianCoils Posts: 2,149Registered Users
    Heyell to the yayah! Except I would make the top bigger. I like that round, out, afro look. I don't look good with the top laying down so I fluff mine up at the top as well. I wear my hair like this to work:


    This isn't me but besides the color (my hair is jet black from all the amla treatments) and the hairline (my hair starts like right after my dang eye) that's pretty much EXACTLY my hair, length and everything after I've banded. I wear my hair like this to work most of the time.
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  • EkuaSoulEkuaSoul Posts: 870Registered Users
    Yes. I did it in real estate and I'm doing it now. Hers looks like a WNG. My is fluffier from doing twistouts/braidouts and bigger. Nothing wrong with either.
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  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users
    I like the "Heyell to yayah" answer. It's a great look, imo, and with your pretty face --- you'd look mah-velous.

    I'd wear it to work (well, meetings, since that's when I have to look semi-professional) in a heartbeat, if my "I'm trying here" type-2 waves would let me.
  • VanEdzVanEdz Posts: 38Registered Users
    Definitely and you should be able to. I do wonder what people would say if you wore your hair like that to a job interview in a business setting though. Think it would affect you getting hired?