Looking for someone with my hair type

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I'm new to putting my hair under a type, I am transitioning so it makes it even harder to tell when 1/3 my hair wants to be straight, another wavy/curly, and another super curly! So I've been reading that my straight hair in the back is just the relaxer weighing down my curls, I'll just have to wait for that to grow out. Moving up my hair gets a little curlier I'm looking at about a 2c. Then around the frame of my face is 3b!

I've been straightening my hair for as long as I can remember so I don't have any pictures of my hair in its natural state at the moment. (Though I haven't straightened my hair for a month or two by now)

I'm posting a picture of when I was little and when my hair had nothing chemically done to it. This is how my hair should look when I'm done with this whole process and I can't wait!

Basically I am looking for someone with almost the same hair type if not the same! So we can share the products we use and progress.

Please and Thank you for your time!

Oh also if anyone can tell me in the picture of myself when I was younger, what hair type is it?


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