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mah995mah995 Posts: 3Registered Users
i have i think 3b hair my hair is going curlier as the chemically straighten hair grows out
this is a pic of me im on the left
Please girls help me with hair cut ideas i have no ideas what to do with my hair.


  • emthefantasticalemthefantastical Posts: 963Registered Users Curl Novice
    it's kind of hard to see exactly what your hair looks like in the picture. is it chin length? or are those layers?
    you can go over to the photos forum. there are tons of user and celebrity pictures of different hairstyles so you might get an idea of what you want there.
    the only other suggestion i can give you is to find a hairstylist in your area that can give you suggestions.
    somewhere between fine and medium texture
    average porosity underneath, fairly high porosity in the canopy

    cowash: Suave Tropical Coconut
    rinse-out: GFTN, One-C
    styling: LALSG, EcoStyler, Deva Styling Cream

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