how often and what kind?

How often should you clarify and what is the best clarifying shampoo?


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    Well, this is the forum for people who don't how would they know? LOL

    Some people might see your question here. But it may help to post it to the General Curly Hair forum.

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    i'm on a no-poo routine now (modified i suppose with an occasional non-sulfate poo) but...

    when i did use poo i would just let my hair guide me on clarifying. it seemed to depend a lot on time of year, how much product and what kind, and how often i was washing.

    so i would just clarify when it seemed like my normal routine wasn't working - a product started failing me for example, or my hair was looking really droopy or frizzy.

    to make a long story short - i don't think that there isn't a specific amount you should clarify - just let your hair tell you ;)
    2b (a fine 'n porous wavy)...and finally growing out :-)

    Wash: Deva Low-poo
    Condish and leave in: OneC or Suave Coconut

    Styler: Angell or the Deva foam, sometimes KKKC

    Etc: Set It Free as a refresher

    Protien: Looking for one

    I love hairspray...don't judge

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