what do you all finish off with after straightening?

curlvaceouscurlvaceous Registered Users Posts: 25
I just purchased the Sunsilk Anti-poof for about $2.50 (really cheap :wink: ) with a dollar off coupon. I didn't really straighten, straighten my hair today, but it's semi-straight. I think it did a wonderful job with keeping my hair smooth, however not as smooth as I'd like. It still kinda makes a pyramind :lol: like it says on the bottle, but at least it's not as big as King Tutankhamen's!!! :D:D But, I didn't really make a huge effort with the straightening process so I'll have to give it more time. Hey, it has jojoba oil. That's a definite + . In a month or so if I'm not lovin, lovin it, then I'm gonna move onto something else. What products do you use that you can't live without for taming frizz, flyaways, smoothness, softness, and silkiness?

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