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Does anyone know a leave-in conditioner recipe that doesn't include humectants and isn't simply diluting a regular rinse-out conditioner?

My hair doesn't do well with humectants and never has, and I've tried diluting conditioners on multiple occasions, and it has never worked, but these two seem to make up almost every leave-in recipe there is. Does anyone have a recipe?


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    Something really simple I've used is water mixed in a spray bottle with aloe vera gel and/or flax seed gel and safflower oil.
    The thinned out gel can help set the curls and safflower oil is a pretty light, well absorbed oil if you don't want something too greasy. I refrigerate it so it won't go bad and make it in small quantities.
    Sometimes I mix other things in (like some conditioner, castor oil, honey, etc) depending on what else I may need, but the basic recipe has been working well, too, though still tweaking it.
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    I'm going to have to try aloe vera! I've been using Shea Butter as a leave in (just straight, but applied to wet hair) and it works pretty well for us right now.
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