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    <--- I decided to go a bit shorter then I planned and LOVE it. My curls popped so much that my gray roots are now hidden and my hairstylist cut it exactly as I wanted (or even better).

    As for her thoughts on my gray growing - she was at first a bit hesitant on the whole idea but wholeheartedly is with me on it for the sake of alleviation of my migraines.

    I did promise if ever I feel the need to color again that I would come to her for the latest (and better for you) organic, ammonia free dye colors that ‘maybe’ won’t have negative effects on me.

    When I got my first Deva haircut awhile back - I said it felt like icing on the cake in my natural curl journey but I don’t know because this feels even better then that - my curls were great before but now they are AMAZING.

    Congrats! Your hair looks great!
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    You did it, and it's wonderful! Very cute.
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    Congrats on having a wonderful haircut experience!
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    How exciting to get a great cut and love your curls even more than before.
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    --My CG and grey hair progress -  
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