safety - what stylists are saying

OK.. so you get gorgeous results with a keratin treatment, but obviously there are some pretty intense chemicals in the various products. I called 6 salons in my area and every technician said that they had some harsh chemicals and the products do release fumes.

Here's the thing though.. I still want to get it done! How can I get it done safely?
Did you wear a mask while you had the treatment?
How about ventilation, did they have special fume extractors at your salon?

So I did more research. I found this forum where stylists are sharing what they are going through health wise from these products (link is below). I think what concerns me the most is someone's point that there aren't any major US companies selling these products (Revlon, etc..) Makes you wonder just how safe the treatments are. Then I read about all the adverse affects and it sounds just horrible!

But I still want to get it done! The question is, how to do so safely?

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