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Hey everyone and Happy Turkey day :]
Ever since I was 2 years old, Ive had severe ezcema on my hands. I have tried every single cream, pill, concoction thing under the sun to get rid of it but nothing worked. Now during the summer it isnt that bad because of all of the moisture in the air, but during the Winter is dure rears its ugly head. My fingers are extremely chapped and I get little cuts all over my fingers. Sometimes it gets so bad that i cant even spread my hand out fully because my skin is pulled so taut from it that its painful to do so.
This leads me to my obvious question: are there any medications, age old methods, or secrets to helping ezcema that i never heard about?
tia :],

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    I had what was much like eczema on my face a couple weeks ago from previous bumps/pimples, and I rubbed my virgin coconut oil on those spots and the scabs/dryness flaked off in a day or two. I haven't seen them since.
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    I don't know if any of this will help. I've had eczema since I was 8 or 9, and it's always the worst on my hands. I guess that's because our hands are most often exposed to harsh detergents and soaps.

    I try to remember to wear gloves (latex or non-latex rubber type gloves) for washing dishes, cleaning, etc, and I try to use non-soap cleansers on my skin when possible.

    My skin is different than yours, because it breaks out the worst in the summer, when the air is moist. But in the winter, I get the kind of cracks and splits that you describe. They hurt, they bleed, and it seems like nothing helps.

    Aveeno's Intense Moisture hand cream isn't bad, or Neutrogena's hand/foot cream. Those are affordable. I also use shea butter or coconut oil or jojoba oil which are all greasy and hard to keep on your hands.

    Lately I'm trying what some other nc'ers use on their face. I mix a little hyaluronic acid serum (I got the NOW brand, locally) with an oil, jojoba or some local emu oil. Or I mix a little of the hyaluronic acid serum with Cerave moisturizer. That's been working pretty well on my hands, although I've still got some cracks opening up.

    When I was a kid, my dermatologist wanted me to grease up my hands with vaseline every night, then wear plastic bags over my hands all night. With or without cotton gloves. I REALLY hated that, but if you're desperate, it might work for you. Bed, Bath & Beyond sells gloves & socks designed for moisturizing.
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    Thank you so much for replying Castella, someone I can finally relate to. I have tried the vaseline glove method but hated it too. And Ive never heard of hyaluronic acid serum, but if its helping then it sounds good to me! what is it and how much does it cost?

    Thank you too Blush, I think i might try a coconut oil-glove method because coconut oil is thinner than vaseline.

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    My mother just got severe excema this year with very painful cracks and even itching. It is really, really awful.

    What is working good for her now is Sarna cream. She also got that expensive new scrip for psoriasis, but the Sarna is really the best for moisture. You can buy it in the drugstore.
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    Sarna, huh? I haven't seen that it the one (looking online) with camphor & menthol? Usually I can't use those ingredients on my skin. That's just one of the things that's so darn aggravating about's different for everyone, it seems. One doctor told me diet, another said hinky sweat glands, another said soaps, then another said stress. I think these are ALL factors. I know several people with eczema and we all use different products!

    Aveeno products usually have oat in them, which can be helpful.

    Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, like glycerin. I'm not sure where I stand on it yet. I don't like to use a lot of humectants when the air is super dry, because they can actually pull moisture out of your skin. So I usually put it on when my skin is wet. Also, the HA serums are expensive, usually $20-$30 for an ounce. A little goes a long way, but still.

    One thing that has helped me specifically with skin cracks is vitamin e. You can buy capsules and break them open and rub the E (it's in an oil base) on the cracked skin, or you can buy Nutra-E oil at drugstores. I just put it on the cracked area, it works pretty well.

    After years of not being able to control eczema breakouts, my hands look about 20 years older than the rest of me :( . Stupid eczema.
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    hmm Im surprised the Sarna would really help...its not very thick...usually you need something a little thicker and more moisturizing. This is usually used more as an itch cream..which it is great for that.

    One little tip I have for cracks. It may seem silly but the doctor I work with tells patients to use crazy glue for the cracks and patients say it works great. It will fill the cracks and let them heal and wont be so painful..when the glue washes out completely just put on a little more until the crack is healed completely.

    Neutrogena Norweigan Hand cream is a really good goes on real thick but absorbs quickly and doesnt leave your hands real greasy. And ofcourse you should always moisturize after washing your hands.
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    I read a little blurb in the newspaper of those dear doctor columns. The doctor/writer recommends using Vicks Vaporub for psoriasis and excema. Apparently, it really works, and it cheap and easy to find.
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    I read a little blurb in the newspaper of those dear doctor columns. The doctor/writer recommends using Vicks Vaporub for psoriasis and excema. Apparently, it really works, and it cheap and easy to find.

    When someone mentioned the menthol in Sarna, I was going to post that some people use Vicks.

    Sarna is still working for my mom.
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    I have it also, opposite where I get it worse in the summer. Normally I need to take steroids to get rid of it. I hate the cracking and dry feeling in the winter. I've found anything with Shea butter in it is pretty helpful. It soothes and keeps them soft for quite a good amount of time before you need to put on more. Right now I'm using this kind and love it.....but my husband says it smells like I've been at the beach :) I wish.

    From Bath & Body Works....

    True Blue® Spa
    Lay It On Thick™ Intense Moisture Shea Body Cream
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    my poor little nephew is suffering....i went to look for cerave because my friend whose son has it says that's the only thing that works. they were out so i bought sarna which was recommended by the dermatologist.

    i know the cerave can be found on the site is down at this moment but when it's back up i'm going to buy some from there.
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