What hair dye should I buy to make my curls this color?

loudernowloudernow Registered Users Posts: 3
Well, here's me. The lighting isn't that great, but you can kind of see the orangey tint near the front that never seems to go away.


And I want my hair to be like this girl's, but maybe just a little lighter.


I don't have the money for a salon, what's the best brand I can buy and which shade would be good? Also, do you think I need two boxes? Thanks!


  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Well, what looks good on people can really vary, so I'm wary of advising you, but.....a mahogany brown seems to be what the second pic shows.

    Also, the lighter bits in your natural color are going to stay lighter than the rest, unless you mess with timing, etc., which is harder to get right for an amateur (a group to which I definitely belong, btw) than it might seem.

    How will you feel if you hate it? Because I once tried to go auburn, which I felt was a darker red than my natural strawberry blonde, while my stylist felt auburn meant "brown" and boy, was I miserable and hideous for a while.

    Proceed with caution. In fact, maybe try a rinse out color first, to see how you like it.

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