baking soda/acv ?

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I have been using baking soda to wash and acv rinse about 2x/week for the last 6 months. is this bad? I really like to use as NATURAL of products as I can. I knew this wasnt loaded with chemicals! Should I try something else?

I am type 2 (uneven wavy) with medium/coarse, thick hair...low elasticity, thick density, high best as I can tell anyway! After my wash I would usually just use FOTE aloe and maybe a little coconut or almond oil. ALthough this morning I made FSG (with aloe and agave) and although its not totally dry, it looks pretty good.
Best I can tell:
2B, dense, low porosity, coarse, protein sensitve


  • LilycurlyLilycurly Registered Users Posts: 55
    Can't wait to see the answers...
    I would love to only use Baking Soda and ACV, but I'm kind of scared it could be over-drying.
    Since the Baking Soda is usually used to remove the build-ups right?
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  • midnight wish...midnight wish... Registered Users Posts: 14
    You know, i used to think baking soda was good for the hair as well, until i watched this video:!v=JAjZjecFPFg&feature=related

    Baking soda's PH is wayyyy too high for our hair, and it can actually damage it. I recommend you watching the entire series because she really explains it better than i ever could lol.

    Hope it helps!
  • LilycurlyLilycurly Registered Users Posts: 55
    Ok, what should we use to clarify then???(Getting a bit panicky!)
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    I could see how baking soda could become drying after a couple times a week. Could you use an organic 'poo or something instead? KC Come Clean is has natural ingredients and is sulphate free - I'm sure there are others like it you could use too.

    Also, are you doing the CG method? If you are using all natural products then you can just co-wash and it will get your hair clean.
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    I definitely wouldn't use baking soda on my hair that often... It's very drying. What it does is saponify the oils in your hair and scalp (turns them into soap). So it's like washing with a strong soap, basically - it gets your hair very, very clean, but really strips the oils right out.

    As a once-in-a-while thing, it's probably OK, but it certainly isn't "gentler" than regular shampoo as some people claim. If anything, kind of the reverse. I tried it as an alternative to shampoo for a while (a few years ago, well before I discovered CG), but had to stop because it dried my hair out too much, and I was only using it every 1-2 weeks.
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