BKT on 3c hair?

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Has anyone had a brazilian keratin treatment on 3c hair? How straight does it become when leaving it to air dry? Also I heard that depending on how much the stylist straightens it determines how straight the hair will become, is this true?

thanks :)


  • sarahcurly78sarahcurly78 Registered Users Posts: 15

    This is my first post on this site and boy do I have a lot to share. I have been going in between curly and straight my whole life (I'm 31) and decided one year ago to get the Brazilian Blowout done on my hair.

    At first I LOVED it! It made (and still does) my hair so easy to blow out. I got it done in June and was able to go back to curly pretty easily, though I was enamored of my silky frizz-free, straight hair.

    Come September, it was getting slightly difficult to blow out my hair again, so I did it again. I was back in love, back to straight hair all the time, and thought that I would never want to go back. I got a choppy "white girl" hair cut (I am of arab/mixed descent) and was feeling so foxy.

    One of my best friends was getting married in the humid south that October and since I was the maid of honor, I decided to get the BB done on just the bang portion of my hair right before the wedding.

    This is when my problems began. The bang area of my hair has been stick straight ever since, while the rest of my hair can pick up a nice wave.

    I tried to wear my hair curly over the holidays and it was just not happening. I got the BB done again in January. I know, you must be thinking that I'm rich. I am so not. I am a waitress who just happens to be very vain about my hair! ;)

    It is now June and I am not happy with where my hair is. I have three inches of curly roots and flat, hard to curl rest of my hair. I can't wait for this stuff to wash out of my hair and am a tad bit annoyed that I had to spend over $1000 to learn this lesson.

    Sure, I could just plunk down another $400 and BB again, but I don't want to. I want to liberate myself and get back to my curls.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?
  • acarricoacarrico Registered Users Posts: 60
    I have 3c hair and just had the treatment done one week ago. I am absolutely AMAZED at the results. With a flat iron I have can have stick straight hair for the first time EVER. It moves when I walk, I can run my fingers through my hair - I mean it is awesome. When I let it dry naturally, I have a wave - and only a wave - in my hair. It is really quite unbelievable. I am not quite sure how to style it when letting it dry naturally because it is so different. It all remains to be seen how quickly my hair reverts back. I am sure that at some point, I will get sick of seeing it straight but right now I enamored with it. I guess I will have to see how it goes considering the other poster's experience.
  • sarahcurly78sarahcurly78 Registered Users Posts: 15
    I felt the same way after I got it done the first time. Please use my expensive lesson to influence your BB timeline in the future. A year and four BB treatments later I have barely any curl left and three inches of roots.

    If you have lots of $$ and want to have Kim Kardashian hair forever, just keep getting it done every three to four months like I did. But if you want your curls back, I would do it not more than twice a year. Just my opinion though!
  • acarricoacarrico Registered Users Posts: 60
    Thanks for the heads up. Sounds a lot like the relaxer jobs I had done. Sounds like it isn't coming out like it is "supposed" to, huh? I have also read that the effect is cumulative, lasting longer each time. Maybe that is the issue? Hmmm....two different textures stinks...that is what I dealt with, with the relaxer. Before the big chop! I am curious to see how long it takes my curl to come back because my 3cs are barely waves right now. What is your stylist saying? Any ideas there?

    And like you, I am not rich...just seriously obsessed (vain, I guess) with my hair.
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    thanks acarrico! so when you say that your hair is a wave now, what would you rate it on the curl scale? 2c perhaps?
  • acarricoacarrico Registered Users Posts: 60
    I laughed because I realized that I had no idea what 2a looked like because I pay zero attention to the 2s because I consider that straight hair...ha ha ha. But yes, I would say 2a...but certainly it is not thin!!! My hair is still very thick but shiny now. It looks the healthiest that it has ever looked. I have some before/after pictures on the Brazilian Blowout facebook page (are you on facebook?)...fan pictures. Probably the latest added. There are three: front, back,side.
  • randomid54randomid54 Registered Users Posts: 5
    wow looks great!
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    We can all learn from Sarah's experience! Thank you for sharing.

    Acarrico is also correct that the treatment is cumulative. Doing it often can definitely make it build up and be stronger/last longer--for better or for worse. However, it can be customized so that re-growth is treated with the full process and previously treated ends are treated more gently, to maintain a more consistent and less permanent effect.

    Sarah gives good advice; if you wish to go back to natural, do not repeat Brazilian Blowout until it is 80-90% faded out of your hair. If you wish to keep it consistently straight, it should be done sooner, perhaps at about 75%.

    Please also be aware of what treatment you are getting. For example, I see "Brazilian Keratin by Marcia Teixeira" is advertising on this site...that treatment should not be confused with Brazilian Blowout! The Teixeira treatment contains formalin (formaldehyde) and lasts much longer, perhaps never going back to natural, even after just one treatment. There are many keratin treatments out there; make sure to research the treatment and the stylist, and be sure you are getting what you want :)
  • JordanaLorraineJordanaLorraine Registered Users Posts: 8
    @randomid54 There are many kinds of keratin treatments; some will straighten more and last longer (i.e., Keratin Complex by Coppola), while others will be more subtle and slowly fade away (i.e., Global Keratin Light.) Brazilian Blowout is an example of a medium one, and some companies (like Global Keratin) make 2 or more formulas in different strengths.

    Research several treatments and stylists before choosing either. Best of luck!

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