First weekend going CG.....

So I started the CG routine this past Friday night. I went home and "detoxed" my hair. I washed first with a normal sulfate shampoo to remove all cones. Then I did a baking soda/water mixture to remove all build-up. Then I used [buylink=]DevaCurl No Poo[/buylink], DevaCurl One Conditioner, left in some of the conditioner, then used [buylink=]DevaCurl AnGell[/buylink] and some of the Lock it Tight Spray (I think that was what it was called). My hair has never been curlier!! I did the same routine on Saturday. I did notice I didn't really like the feel of my hair, it almost felt as if there was a layer of gunk on it and it just felt heavy. I am thinking it is just maybe too much for my hair or something. I read lots of good stuff about LALSG and the VO5 conditioner so I went to CVS and picked some of that up (by the way the VO5 was on sale for $0.77!!). I did [buylink=]DevaCurl No Poo[/buylink], followed by the DevaCurl One conditioner, rinsed that out and used the VO5 Naturals Freesia as my leave in. Then I scrunched in some LALSG and let it air dry for about 30 minuted and finished drying with a diffuser. It was soooo much better! No more filmy feeling! My curls are great and so soft! I am looking forward to how my hair turns out in the next few weeks as I am sure it is adjusting to this new moisture it is getting! Thanks for this website, I have learned so much! I just wanted to share my first CG weekend with you all :)
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    Sounds like you are on a great start.

    I have read that some of the Deva stuff can leave hair feeling coated. I've never used it so I don't know.

    I used to use LALSG with good results so I am sure you will like it, especially in summer weather.

    Good luck on your CG journey!
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    dont forget before and after pics!!
    I found using ONLY Deva products made my hair feel similar, kind of coated... but I do like the No Poo a lot
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    Congratulations!!! I find that using angel alone can leave my hair frizzy. The past couple of days i've been putting arc-angel all through my hair in the shower, then when I take my towel off I scrunch a dime size of lalsg over the ends & have been getting awesome results!!! :)
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