Is this a good start?

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I've been reading around here a lot and I want to go shampooless. So first I shampooed with Tresemme Moisture, cond with v05 cond. and mane n' tail(only thing that would get my knots out, im not sure its cone free though) and the gel I used was LA Looks. I haven't had a chance to go to the store so these are just products I had laying around..are they all cone free? Im still confused about those.. Also I love my Nexxus gel can I still use it?


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    personally, when I went CG in April I stuck to the safest products possible and it has worked wonders for me.

    i had tried going cg a year ago and I didnt realize the products I was using had hidden 'cones. it was a gross mess

    my suggestion would be to just use the VO5 (I personally prefer Fructis triple nutrition) and just the sport gel alone.
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    VO5 conditioner and LA Looks gel are CG, and all you need to go CG. You already have them, so why go halfway?

    You really won't know whether or not Curly Girling does work for you, if you don't try the real thing. Most people I've run across who weren't happy with CG didn't actually give it a try. They were using products with hidden sulfates or cones, or both.

    Put the other stuff away. If real CGing doesn't work for you, you can get it out and use it. OTOH, your naturally straight haired friends and acquaintances might be happy to shop your product graveyard when you've given it a go. I know mine were.

    Just make sure you do a clarifying cleanse for starters. If none of your shampoo (absolutely nothing that ends with -cone, -conol, or -xane in the ingredients list, unless it starts with PEG), you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to your VO5 conditioner, and wash your hair and scalp with that. If you do the baking soda cleanse, just be sure to reset the pH of your hair and scalp with an acidic rinse, such as 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water.

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