UK co wash products?

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Hi Ladies,

Does anyone have a list of conditioners available in the UK that can be used for co washing? I just relocated from San Francisco to London and can't find any of my usual products here.

Thanks so much!


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    Hi there from another UK curly! There's a partial list of CG products in the UK here: . There is also a Britain-based version of this site here: . The forums have many suggestions for cowash and other products (as well as a speciality shop offering a lot of the same stuff that CurlMart does, as well as a few UK brands!).

    Off the top of my head, I know a lot of people either use the Original Source conditioners (a sort of trapizoidal bottle) or Inecto Pure Coconut Oil conditioner (available at places like Savers) for cowashing. Both of these are roughly equivalent to VO5 or Suave. I've also been known to use Garnier Repair and Shine to co-wash. There's many more - but those are all I can think of off the top of my head. :-)
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    Another American curly in the UK here. I was going to suggest the British Curlies forum, but oddityofwings beat me to it. :)

    Since I started CO-washing, I've been using Sainsbury's store brand green apple conditioner ('cone-free, where the coconut isn't). I think their tea tree is also OK, but I don't like the smell. Apparently some of the Asda store brand ones are CG-friendly and cheap. Another one I also picked up at Sainsbury's, which isn't nearly as cheap: Andrew Collinge Purity Volume Therapy Conditioner. Some of the others in that line have 'cones. I haven't seen any of these other than the Asda ones come up much over there.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to the UK !!

    Let us know what you find...I haven't found anything to replace Trader Joe's nourish luckily i have my mom put a bottle in each package she sends me lol....but i do need to find something local to use....

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