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Hey curlies!

I am looking for some advice about gym/fitness club memberships. I've been a member of Curves for a little over a year, and have lost about 50 pounds in that time. I still have a way to go though. Curves is not really working very well for me anymore, mainly due to their hours of operation (I work a weird late evening shift, and they're closed for lunch (which is when I could go before work) and not open sundays or late nights (they close at 7pm) Basically, I'm finding I'm not getting there as often as I need to, because they're not open when I can go. I need to find an alternative.

There are two options that seem the best for me, and I'm not sure which is better. We just had a Snap Fitness open a few blocks from my house. Benefits are: walking distance, 24 hours, new equipment and lots of machines to choose from, no contract. Downsides are: a little more expensive than Curves, no blinds on the windows (I hate having people watching me work out, I'm very self conscious. Weird, I know, and I could probably get over it) and I've read some bad reviews online (I know that there are bad reviews for EVERYTHING online though) I also have fitness facilities at work. The equipment is ok, but not much of it. Benefits are: it's free, and I could work out after work. Downsides: on my days off, I'd have to drive half an hour to get to work to use it, and if I work out after my shift, my DH would have to wait for me (we work together, and he doesn't 'do' exercise). My last option would be no gym, just walking, hiking etc, but that doesn't give me the greatest workout.

What do you guys think? I don't want to keep up my Curves membership because I don't get to go enough, so I need to make a decision. What would you do?
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    I say, try out your fitness center at work for now. It's free, and there's no rush to join Snap just yet...esp since it's nice out and you could get outdoor exercise in on the days when you aren't at work. I'd find ways to make your workouts interesting at your work's fitness center, one way that's a good motivator for me, is to listen to audio books while running (on treadmill or on stationary bike). Good music works for some, motivating music (check out the thread floating for music ideas). If you find that your work fitness area isn't meeting your workout needs, then seek other options. GL and good for you for making it work.:blob3:
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