Going to be in the sun a lot this summer...what can I do to protect my hair?

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We join the community pool each summer and I usually spend 3-4 days a week there with my kids. I'm usually in the sun for anywhere from 3-5 hours (my kids are young so I usually stay in the water with them or poolside where there are no umbrellas). What can I do to protect my hair?

I've noticed that the ends of my hairs get so light (I pull it up in a ponytail poof) when I work outside in our yard. Seriously, it looks like my ponytail poof is fake because it gets so light compared to the rest of my hair. I'm guessing this is because those are the ends of my hair which are the oldest and which have taken a beating from my curling iron (I'm still growing out a TR and my stylist says my hair won't be ready for the final chop until November) since I try and curl them to match the rest of my natural hair. Anyway...what can I do to keep my hair from getting so light and dry and looking like hay on the ends? I've been thinking I should just keep it soaking wet with a water/condtioner mix in a spray bottle while I'm at the pool. I know the conditioner won't block out sun rays but I think it's better than nothing, right? I asked my stylist about protectants for your hair from the summer sun and he said he doesn't really like or trust anything that's out there that claims to be a sunscreen for your hair. He just told me to slather on the conditioner. Oh, and for those of you that swim and wet your hair in the pool (GASP!) LOL, he said olive oil slathered into the hair would protect it from soaking up so much chlorine.

Anyway...now that I've written a small novel here....do you guys have any good ideas for protecting my hair while in the direct sun for so long?

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    I have a summer issue that is similar -- my hair is very white and if I spend too much time in the sun it gets yellow, so I have to be careful about how much sun my hair gets also.
    I usually put fresh water in my hair first, then blot a bit, then a regular conditioner. THEN I put a hat or scarf on my hair to totally keep it out of the sun. I know it isn't quite the windswept pictures of the beach that we typically have in the summer, but it keeps my scalp and hair safe. I have a couple large brimmed, floppy hats to pop on my head at the beach or pool and they work well.
    (I am also very fair skinned so have to be careful about the sun anyway)
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    Thanks for your response pigreyhound. I'll probably end up putting all of my hair up in a hat too (if I can find one that completely covers this mop!) You're right...it's definitely not the carefree, flowing locks of glorious hair beach or poolside that I envisioned but at least I'll be protecting my hair!
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