workout blues

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I am really trying to stick to my workout plan. But this hair is giving me the blues. Since it was my birthday weekend i decided to straigthen it. However, reality has set in and i need to go back to the gym. I love to wear my hair straight but i live in memphis and it doesnt last long. And i am sick of wearing the scarfs and a wash and go look. The wash and go is okay if i can get the right products so that it will look curly. I guess i would like some recommendation on some styles for 4b hair. I am not the best when it comes to hair .(loL). i have tried to do twist and they came out barley okay. but i need some new styles or i am going to die of boredom. i have really thought about putting a relaxer in my hair... But I have been natural since 2003 and i am just getting fusturated.I am from los angeles but i live in memphis the home of greasy perms. So it is hard to find someone who specializes in natural hair. So if any of you have any suggestions i am open.

products.: kinky curly custard but i am going to order ]curls by sister smith


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    Looking through fotkis and avatars may help you with ideas to spruce up your hair. I work out lots too! I wear twists (mine aren't the best looking, but whatever, I did them), flat twists, braids, twistouts, puffs or a fro. You can also do a combo of these things (like flat twists in the front w/a puff in the back). Since you have the [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink], why don't you try shingling. I've shingled my hair and was able to go almost an entire week. HTH!
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    I workout alot too, and I usually stick to pinning my hair up during the week. I do twists at night, un-twist my hair in the morning and pin my hair up for work.

    And then i don't workout out friday or if i want to straighten my hair, i've been doing a roller set thursday night, which will last me until i workout again on sunday :)

    Good luck !
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    I work out alot too and running in the southern humidity leaves my hair a hot mess. I do find if i put it in a high ponytail with a scarf around the edges, i can get my styles to last a bit longer...i rarely straighten my hair but this works for my twist outs, roller sets, and braidouts pretty well.

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