Do You Find It Necessary to Rotate Products?

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Does your hair seem to get "tired" of the same products?

I rotate a bit but only a few things.

I use one low poo, have three conditioners to rotate (one added for the winter), currently three gels but two are used together (still testing a fourth one), one leave in depending on the season (summer usually doesn't have one), one deep treatment and two different protein treatments. I TRY to keep it simple, I am tempted to decide which of my gels is the best and toss the others.
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  • adorame06adorame06 Posts: 572Registered Users
    I'm kind of scared to take the risk of a product not working for me to switch my hair things around. I just bought a new conditioner to use as my leave in and I have yet to see if my hair likes it!
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    I tend to rotate conditioners but not styling products. I've got (gasp!) too many conditioners, and while I generally stick with particular selection of 2-3, I do like to change it up a bit. This is more due to the scents than any different benefits from different conditioners. Some days I just HAVE to smell like pumpkin (DB pumpkin seed condish); some days I just cannot put up with smelling like AO GPB.

    My styling routine, on the other hand, pretty much stays the same day to day. I have a few new products I'm working out how to use at the moment, but mostly I stick with what I know.
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  • MissCurlGirlMissCurlGirl Posts: 141Registered Users
    I rotate my condish every day, and I have about 3-4 curl creams that I rotate around every couple of days but my gels stays the same every day (Angel mixed w/ BRHG). I do rotate [buylink=]CIAB[/buylink] and CK as a serum before diffusing.

    My hair seems to perk up a bit if I change my routine every couple of days, so I guess the answer is yes, my hair gets tired of the same routine :happy2:
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I change things from summer to winter and back again, but, as a whole my routine is pretty much the same. The stuff that works works consistently, so I don't need to change it up.
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  • rymorg2rymorg2 Posts: 2,571Registered Users

    Heck, I rotate whole systems. LOL

    My hair just does better with rotation. My scalp too.....I can use more things than I would be able to if I didn't rotate, because they're not on my scalp every day. One or two in a row is ok, but sometimes more than that and my scalp rebels.

    Plus it feeds my PJism. :happy2:
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    My hair has always satiated on products. I always had to switch shampoo/conditioner when that was all I did. ALWAYS kept two or three sets around to rotate. At this point, I wouldn't even try to count up what I had (my recent order of Marie Dean was 10 products--and I could have ordered tons more, LOL!) I seldom use a product more then twice a week. The only exception was the KBB hair milk. I used that as my rinse out for almost 3 months straight. Now it's been 18 months since I last used it and I don't miss it. It's changed.
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    Yep.. I have to. If not, my hair starts to get "bored"--limp curls, won't lay right, etc. This was even before I went CG/transitioned I always rotated poo, condish and stylers.

    Something about the changing keeps my hair fresh and bouncy.
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  • curry curlscurry curls Posts: 1,083Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Nope. I've had to do a bit of fine tuning in order to get my routine where it is now, but I'm totally happy. My hair is quite happy to get the same things every wash. :)
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,684Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I rotate conditioners, leav-ins, DT's, styling products. Not in any particular order, or for any reason, not based on season. Perhaps I'd have better hair days if I had more of a "system" or method to my madness, but I don't. It is what it is. :happy2:
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  • CurlykeyCurlykey Posts: 1,540Registered Users Curl Novice
    Not necessary, I just like to try out different products :). I'm down to my favorite stylers, but I do love to rotate my conditioners and cleansers.
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    I do rotate, sort of, but I don't find it necessary. I get bored, not my hair, so I switch up my cleaners and conditioners.
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    One thing that keeps me from using only one product is I get nervous if it discontinues. Scary thought.

    But I am going to try to simplify my routine.
    3A/B - low-normal porosity - med to coarse texture

    Shampoo - GTTTT
    Co-Wash - As I Am Coconut Cowash
    RO - GVP Cond. Balm, Tresemme Naturals, Yes to Carrots Nourishing, AO Honeysuckle Rose
    LI - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream Headdress
    DT - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholestrol, SM Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment
    Stylers - BRHG (old formula is my HG, but the new one has silicones)

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    For me rotation works. I have different routines if I am doing my hair at home or after swimming before work.
    I have been experimenting a little & am trying to work out the kinks (for example: I bought a small Baby Buttercream which I don't think has done a lick for my hair).
    I've started to make notes as to what I use & with which combinations. I notice if the hair changes as the day goes on,too producty looking, etc. I write it down in my hair diary. That way if something goes really wonky I can attempt to figure out where I might have gone wrong!
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  • tendrillytendrilly Posts: 183Registered Users
    I don't know why my hair is so fickle, but I find that I get better results when I rotate my rinse-out conditioners. Even a product that is superbly great one day will not continue to be great if I use it two or more days in a row. So I've just made a habit of switching it up, using a product once every few days or so. I wonder why this is? And why that is not the case for everyone? :?

    I rotate leave-ins too, but not as much. Gels I only change up for testing purposes.
    Dry climate
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    For me, desert climate+porous hair+CG=inconsistent results! :-(
  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Posts: 2,017Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I don't know if I find it necessary.... but I certainly find it fun!

    Sometimes my hair seems happier when it gets a change. But I'm never sure what causes the change -- products or some other issue.

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  • DEL2CDEL2C Posts: 6,418Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My hair tends to get OC'd, become limp or lose curl if I use the same ingredients & don't change it up. Of course, Seasonal changes require product rotation :D
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    DEL2C wrote: »
    My hair tends to get OC'd, become limp or lose curl if I use the same ingredients & don't change it up. Of course, Seasonal changes require product rotation :D

    +1 -- I could have wrote this word for word!
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  • 1paperairplane1paperairplane Posts: 72Registered Users
    I used to switch around a lot. But then I would have a million products sitting under my sink not being used for years. So I just threw then all away and decided not to rotate anymore. Now I just use the product until its done and then I'll get another one if I liked it or try a new one if I didn't. Or throw it away or give it to my mom if I hated it before it ran out...

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