What is my hair type? (pics)

I used to be certain that i was a 3A, but i think my curls don't form as well since I started bleaching and flat ironing my hair. Maybe it is more 2C now, but would be 3A if i stopped bleaching. What do you think from the pictures below? 3A, 2C or something else? Thanks! Editing to say sorry to post so many and so big...I didn't know it would post that big. I just really want to get an idea of my hair type because I am looking for new products so I can stop flat ironing. Oh, my bangs are flat ironed in a couple of the pics.
3A Long and Layered


  • ResRes Registered Users Posts: 2,911
    I think you are right. 2C but could be 3A. I think the third pic is most 3A. But I am bad at typing. I still don't know what I am FOR SURE.
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    2b to 2c. Doesn't seem to spiral/coil enough to say it's in the 3 category. It ripples more then coils.
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    I bet w/ some good layers & some cg love u'll be a 3a ;) My hair literally looks straight when wet w/o my tricks learned on nc.com :):)
    Ur hair looks really nice tho & I'd be thrilled to have those beachy waves :)
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    Hmm, where are the pics?
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