Well THAT didn't work!

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Did a Target run yesterday and picked up the Giovvani Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner. (I tried co-washing and my scalp is just too oily, can't do it.) I couldn't decide so I picked up the Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioner as well since it was so cheap.

I tried the GSAS combo this morning, put in my smoothing cream and then air dried. Holy frizz batman! It was so horrible. I couldn't believe how bad it was. My hair was HUGE. I hopped back in the shower to wet down my hair all the way. After getting out I put a pea sized amount of the Garnier Triple Nutrition as a leave in, then the LALSG, scrunched with a diffuser for about five minutes then let it air dry for another 2 1/2 hours. After SOTC, my hair just fell. I barely have 2a waves right now. That's all fine and good since I'm willing to sacrifice curl for no frizz and I'm just cleaning the house today anyway. :error:

But oh my, oh my how gross my hair feels! Obviously the Triple Nutrition is way too much for my hair as a leave-in, even the tiny pea sized amount I used. I just put clean sheets on the bed and the thought of climbing in them tonight with this nasty hair makes my skin crawl! :happy7:

I don't dare get back in the shower and wash my hair though. I got a lecture from my husband today! Now don't get me wrong, my husband has the patience of Job and things have to be pretty bad for him to utter a peep to me about anything.

Today I got a "you're getting way too OCD about your hair" speech. I have had major problems with OCD in the past and did therapy to break me of some pretty bad habits, so I don't take what my husband says lightly.

The sad thing is I think the bulk of my hair problems stem from a really bad hair cut. I cut it short back in September, super short with a ton of layers. It had finally grown out to the point where I the shortest layer was chin length. I was finally going to be able to cut the last of the layers out and have my hair be all one length again. Then I got a Deva cut. Not only did she cut all my length off (which I was willing to sacrifice to get the layers out), but she cut a ton of short layers into my hair. Now I'm not quite back to square one, but I'm close. It's enough to make me just want to cry.
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Not really CG at the moment, might try again once my hair is much longer (i.e. I can put it up if it looks awful


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    Sorry your hair is being such a pain in the butt. I don't have any real advice, but here is some input that may or may not help.
    GSAS shampoo has a cone in it. I can't remember how strong this cone is or how far down on the label it is. I doubt this is causing you hair issues, but just so you know it is there.
    GFTN is very moisturizing and oil heavy. Maybe your hair doesn't like oils.
    The OCD is going to be tricky. Many of us without ocd find we spend way more time obsessing about our hair then we did before we found this site. I sure do. I'd suggest you figure out an easy updo for days your hair decides not to cooperate. If you have hair that is too short you could try a headband, bobby pinning the bangs behind the ears, french braiding the bangs, etc.
    LALSG gave me straight, hard waves. It looked like twigs were growing out of my head. Many love it, but it is not for me.
    I'm going through some of the same issues. My hair had a bad reaction to a conditioner, I'm not sure if my hair hates some of my styling products, and my hair cut isn't good because I keep cutting it myself.:error:
    Here is hoping both of our hair starts cooperating and we get back to our fabulous selves.:pirate:
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    Thanks pedaheh. I think at this point I just need to focus on growing out the bad cut, keeping my hair healthy and the frizz in check. I'll worry about curl formation once I have a little more length.

    I used the Garnier Triple Nutrition as a rinse out today with much better results - NO FRIZZ! And it didn't leave my hair feeling gross. I think any leave in is just too much for my hair. I used my smoothing lotion and dried my hair with a vent brush to about 50% and let it air dry the rest of the way. I didn't dry it stick straight, but in really loose waves. It's the best that I can do given the current cut. I just gotta be patient and let it grow (words spoken by probably every single woman who has ever lived!).

    As for the being OCD about my hair, I definitely have to keep that in check. I just need to accept some bad hair days and deal with them. My husband and I had a long talk last night. I'm focusing all my frustrations about stuff I can't control onto my hair, which I also can't control :happy7:.

    I have a hair appointment next Saturday so hopefully that will help. I know getting my roots done always make me feel better! As for the cut, I'm just going to have her clean up the ends. I won't worry about what to do with the rest of the layers until I have a few inches on the length.
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    Not really CG at the moment, might try again once my hair is much longer (i.e. I can put it up if it looks awful
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    I so relate. :D

    I was trying to grow out my hair some, but then I remembered that it looked curlier when I had a short stack. Just added it back. We'll see how curly it looks now, but I'm still in that funk of a "Why doesn't my hair look like THAT" attitude. My dh thinks I'm OCD too.
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