My hair is so freakin stubborn

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I dont know what it is but, my hair just doesnt seem to like being sectioned in braids or twists. When i try to section my hair in the shower and take it apart afterwards to apply my just poofs and looses all definition. Even when i twist my hair at night it comes out looking like nothing when i take it down and i have no other choice but to pin it up in a bun or puff and getting bored with my puff.

Lately ive been using [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] and [buylink=]knot today[/buylink] and like before i sectioned my hair as told to on the jar....and lost all definiton in my hair. Tried again using smaller sections and it turned out worst than the first time. Now....get day i was in a rush and decided to use it again and instead of sectioning my hair i just styled it directly in the shower grabbed a few globs of [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] wet it in my hand and rubbed it through my hair like how i use to do when i would Rake Smooth and Shake. My hair turned out beautifully. All my curls were defined elongated and looked luscious.:love10: And im looking in the mirror like...r u serious. So ive come to the realization that....i cant section my hair because hey i guess my curls want to stick together and when i comb them apart or try to get the whole stretched out just turns out looking like a hot mess. So i dont know if my hair has potential to be styled in braidouts or twistouts because everytime i do them....the results are yuck. Maybe im doing something wrong...but really is there anyone else out there whose hair acts the same way because im puzzled.:confused:
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    I don't really section my hair when applying styling products. I just sort of glob it in my hair.

    Do what works for you... and never mind the instructions on the jar. :drunken:
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