Having flexi 8 withdrawals....

I absolutely loved my flexi 8. My medium was too small so I gave it to a friend and ordered a large. My large came and I fell in love with it. :love10: We were so happy together until the fateful day when I lost it. The flexi 8, not my mind. :shaking2: I ordered an identical one yesterday and now I have to wait 5 days until it gets here....

Anyone else have a flexi lovestory to share?



  • CafeAuLaitCafeAuLait Registered Users Posts: 218
    I want a small to use as a decoration for the top of my bun, but I can't justify spending that much on a "barrette." I might end up getting one if I can't find decorative barrettes in stores - Walgreens had NOTHING. The designs are gorgeous! Nc.com had an ad I always clicked on and now it's gone.
    Formerly ElsaG

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