What type is my hair? Need your help & advices!

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I am of an Arab descent. My mom used to relax my hair since I was 3 years old - every two months! I used to get it blowdried everytime I wash it (every two or three days). I don't remember having curly hair ever, it has always been blowdried or straightened with an iron, and if I don't blowdry it and curl the ends with a straightener, it would look dry just pin-straight, which looks very unnatural and ugly. I then changed from relaxing to yukko the past 3 years, which really really damaged my hair. It was already damaged, but, yukko made it even more and more dry - worst decision ever!
I am 19 years old now, and I just became sick of blowdrying and ironing my whole life. So, 7 months back, I decided to stop yukko and relaxing all together and let my hair grow out. So far, only two curls grew out from the roots, and the rest of my hair is straight from previous relaxing (my hair is medium length, to the middle of my back)...
I don't even know what kind of curls I have. My hair is very fine and smooth, not coarse. My mom says my hair was very curly, and in my baby pictures my hair looked very frizzy and it was hard for me to identify the size of the curls. I am dying to know how my curls will look like and what size they actually are!
I have done some measurements and it seems like every curl is about 3 to 4 centimeters long (without being pulled, just the curls as they are). What do you think my curl size is? is that considered 3b or 3c?

Also, I need your advices ladies! I've never had curly hair, so what should I do when my curls grow out? How can I take care of them? What products do you recommend I use to loosen the curls and lessen the frizziness (since the weather in my country is usually pretty humid - Persian Gulf ppl!)?

This is a picture of the roots of my hair coming out. The actual curls are the two at the roots, the third curl is just from my hairband... Sorry it's not that clear, it was hard trying to take a picture of my roots with my mobile camera..



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    I bet you're going to be a 3b/3c, but you have to wait for more new growth to come in. And you are going to have to chop off the relaxed ends to start seeing your real curl pattern.
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  • helloyellowbirdhelloyellowbird Banned Posts: 1,632Banned Users
    Need more pictures and it's hard to tell what hair type someone is when they still have relaxed ends.

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