Does shea butter cause pimples ?

taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
Would pure unrefined shea butter causes pimples when used as a face moisturizer on oily skin ?


  • jackisayswhatjackisayswhat Posts: 7Registered Users
    Probably, but everyone's skin is different! You'd probably be better off with a nice blend of lighter oils with a high amount of linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid which is often lacking in acne prone skin). Try a blend of jojoba and sunflower with some tea tree EO. Sesame oil is slightly comedogenic but good at a low percentage (think 10-15%)... I haven't had any problems with it at that percentage. HTH
    3a/2c, I guess.

    Fine-ish but there seems to be a lot of it so I suppose that's density... haven't got a clue about porosity.
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,259Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    It probably depends on if the person is acne-prone or not. EVERY oil causes pimples for me.

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