Uh-oh! Did I overdo it? Advice needed!

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Since I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything today, I decided to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. I ordered a bunch of stuff from CurlMart (ima total PJ!!) and decided to try out Jessicurl products today.

First, about my hair: It is really, really normal. I don't have a lot of excessive dryness or anything. It's medium texture, normal porosity (i think?), quite thick, with Botticelli curls. I've been sulfate-free for years, but not -cone/xane free until last week, & have been CG since last Saturday, 5/21. Doing the co-wash/condish thing, but haven't done a deep conditioning since like ...possibly...ever? I've probably used more conditioner in the last week than in the last 2 months!

Ok, so today I saturated my hair with some distilled water mixed with lavender EO, then applied some macadamia nut oil to my ends with the JC weekly DC Treatment all over the hair. I wanted to read for a while & take a nap, so I wrapped my hair up in Saran Wrap (easier said than done!), put a t-shirt over my pillow case, and chilled for about 4 hours. By the time I got into the shower, my hair felt fairly dry (vs. wet, not vs. conditioned), but could definitely tell there was some oil in there. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, did a co-wash with A-VO5, rinsed all of that out, then used JCRR and JC-[buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Jessicurl-Confident-Coils-Styling-Solution-p-116.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=jessicurl-confident-coils-styling-solution]CCSS[/buylink] and my nifty new drying gloves I got from CurlMart!

My curls look very pretty, I'm not complaining about that. But Mr. Indigo35 thinks my hair looks like it needs to be washed, and it doesn't seem to have a lot of body (which is actually something I've been struggling with since going CG--great curls > volume). My former routine involved shampoo, condish (sometimes), towel dry, then lots of mousse, air dry, then run my fingers through it--I had BIG hair! Hey, I'm a Jersey Girl, it's a requirement! :)

Ok, so here's my actual question!! Should I wash my hair (i make my own soap so can use that or one of my low-poo's), or just hang in there until my hair adjusts to the increased moisture? I guess I'm mostly concerned about the macadamia nut oil I used and if that is coating/weighing down my hair.

Would an ACV or lemon rinse help w/o having to wash? I'm loving the curl formation and lack of frizz...just concerned about the "wow, that girl needs to wash her hair" look that I seem to be sporting now that I'm CG.

HALP! :confused2:
3a Botticelli curls, medium, normal porosity

CG since 5/21/10

Co-Wash: Alberto VO5 Lime/Kiwi
Condish: Suave Coconut, GF Body Boost
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    well, I'm still struggling with big hair (though I never had big hair) and I have to say adding lemon juice to my cowash helped SO much. I was weraing protective styles to hide th oiliness of my hair, and it just felt so disgusting that I wanted to cut it all off, but lemon juice helped so much (I don't do them anymore now that my hair has adjusted, it took close to a month to figure out the whole cowashing technique)
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    I think the lavender and/or macadamia nut oil are to blame - they are, after all, oils! Perhaps you used too much. If it doesnt look better after another wash maybe try baking soda or a low poo.

    Next time try the deep conditioner without the oils; if its cg then you shouldn't have any problem washing it out. I would have thought also that the oil would coat the hair stopping the conditioner from 'sinking' in - but I could be wrong.
  • indigo35indigo35 Posts: 4Registered Users
    thanks for the responses!

    i ended up doing an ACV rinse w/ a tiny bit of lemon juice and it cleared it right up! live and learn, right!
    3a Botticelli curls, medium, normal porosity

    CG since 5/21/10

    Co-Wash: Alberto VO5 Lime/Kiwi
    Condish: Suave Coconut, GF Body Boost
    Styling: Testing new things every day!

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