Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment

ponytailgirlponytailgirl Registered Users Posts: 12
Has anyone gotten this treatment at Shampoo Avenue B in New York City?

I am so nervous/excited/freaked out - my appointment is Wed, June 2.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

They use their own formula and it is wash out the same day.


  • NottyNotty Registered Users Posts: 1,456
    Not in NY, however I did get the treatment in Florida from a girl who works for the company. I am absolutely, thrilled with the results! When I arrived back north after spending the winter south, my hairdresser wanted to know what made my hair so healthy!!! I love it.......lately it has been very humid and my hair stays straight! Good Luck
    :toothy7:between Botticelli & Corkscrew curly-very thick, coarse hair

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  • ponytailgirlponytailgirl Registered Users Posts: 12
    Thanks Notty! That makes me a little less nervous :toothy8:
  • ponytailgirlponytailgirl Registered Users Posts: 12
    I got the treatment today and am so glad I did it! Not sure what it will be like day to day, but I just rewashed my hair and scrunched a little gel. It is wavy and no frizz, even with the blowdryer. My hair feels so silky. I have never experienced this kind of hair.

    It took a little over 2 hours - not that bad!

    If you are in NYC go to Shampoo Avenue B in the East Village- Janaan is a pro!

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