YUKO System

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I'm looking into using the YUKO hair straightening system. I've never chemically processed my hair nor dyed my hair so this would be on virgin hair!

I had a few questions about this relaxing process though:

1. Does this processes thin out/take volume out of hair?

Since this process is done by coating your hair with a protein bond I thought it probably makes hair "thicker" and no so flat/thin

2. This goes for any form of relaxing, but have any of you been able to request having just the first 4-5inches from your root to the mid of your hair, relaxed?

I love my curls at the end of my hair, its the annoying tight wave near the crown of my hair that I cannot STAND! I straighten it and keep my ends in a loose curl, just to have the top go crazy wavy and frizzy once AGAIN!

3. Damage? How bad can in get with the YUKO system?

I do really well with doing weekly EVOO treatments, so as far as dedication towards treatments do better my hair after the treatment? Not a problem. It would just be nice to know of the damage to expect.

Thank you all in advance~! I would love to hear of any advice/personal experience any of you could share! :)

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