If you get a Deva cut, can you straighten your hair?

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Ok, so I am interested in this Deva cut that I just discovered a few weeks ago... Which Im new to the whole CG system anyway, but I am like most curlies are dying to find a good stylist...
Soo... if I do look into a Deva cut will I not be able to straighten my hair? Have any of you done this? I only really wear my hair straight maybe once very few months...but I like to have it as a option.. So if I get a Deva cut will that option go away??
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    if you get your cut in the city (NYC) I wouldn't ask to straighten - in fact - I don't think they will! If you go to a Deva trained stylist elsewhere, they probably would.
    Technically, it's just the cut - dry - that makes it a different approach, but I have straightened my hair afterwards - I waited a few weeks to get "adjusted" to styling the cut...
    good luck!
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    Thanks Tara, yeah if I do get the cut I would want the stylist to style it curly there... I was just wondering after a little while would I be able to wear it straight if I wanted too. I like that option sometimes, I dont always wear it straight, Im trying to embrace my curls!
    But I think I have talked my husband into making a mini vaca to Fl so I can see Tiffany and we can hang on the beach for a few days. Woo Hoo!
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    Maybe if you get a better Deva cut than I managed to, but mine was a hot, scraggly mess, especially when straight after I had supposed Deva cuts by two different stylists.

    Really, I'd think that might be somewhat the case with any Deva cut - what follows the curls and looks good curly may not when straight. I've heard others besides myself with that complaint.

    Good luck whatever you decide!
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    it straight with a nice, straight edge. Been doing this for a few years now and actually also prefer the straighter edges when curly. Good luck!

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