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I have a tall order. I have extremely sensitive skin that has eczema and doesn't like fragrance for the most part. I have found a lotion that I like (Hempz), but it's so expensive that I cannot justify spending that much money for the amount of lotion I use. There is a Walmart knockoff, but the original stinks and the others are scented. My body tolerates the scent okay, but they're so highly scented my nose can't tolerated it after a while and I start to make myself sick.

I have recently bought Basis soap to try and help my skin recover from the eczema flare up it's been in a constant state of for the past 2 years. Cetaphil works, but if I'm trying to avoid putting SLS on my hair, I should probably avoid it on my skin as well.

I hate the Cetaphil (and Lubriderm) lotion as it doesn't moisturize enough and the Cetaphil cream because it's greasy and leaves a grease spot wherever I go, especially on my clothes. I also hate Eucerin and Aquaphor for the same reasons.

I'm allergic to Curel, Olay Quench, and Keri for sure.

What I'm looking for is a relatively inexpensive lotion that I can use that doesn't have:

Mineral Oil
Jojoba Oil

Drugstore is pretty much a must since I'm unemployed. Oh, and the ability to purchase the lotion in large quantities. I hate that I go through a bottle of Hempz lotion in 1 1/2 weeks. Thank you so much!

Not too much to ask for, right?? Just the world!

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