If you shorten your hair will it straighten easier?

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I mean short like not quite pixie cut but pretty short. Will it straighten without a flat iron and hardcore pulling or will it just puff? Thanks!


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    In my experience, yes it straightens easier but only because there's less hair to work with. When I cut my hair a little above my shoulders, it took less time to dry and less time to flat iron= easier for me. Cutting it also gets the oldest part of the hair off (ie most damaged/split ends) so my hair felt softer and looked much healthier and smoother. I experienced no extra puff. I do not have the type of hair though that will EVER straighten without a flat iron. But shorter hair was so much easier with even with it.
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    I think it depends on your hair type. If you get root curl really easily, no it will not be easier. If your hair doesn't curl until part of the way down, then yes it probably will :)
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