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BlackCherryChutneyBlackCherryChutney Registered Users Posts: 65
hey guys ,

I just moved from Asia so most products that i see here are relatively new to me. i am running out of moisturizer , and i need some suggestions for good and relatively inexpensive ( below $15 will be great! ) i have always been using Organic Aid Vit E. My skin is prone to breakouts if i use anything too heavy. Right now the only one i see in the cvs nearby that seems alright is Clean and Clean Moisturizer. I prefer something with a slight SPF and perhaps help me with my scars too..
Please help me.


  • jojobjojob Registered Users Posts: 127
    I have just started using Neutrogena visibly even, which is suppose to help even out skin tone and has a SPF. I am pretty happy with it so far. The link below is for it on Amazon, just so you can see the exact product I am talking about.
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    Ponds Cold Cream works very well.
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    When I was using a lotion moisturizer, I quite liked CeraVe. I now use the much more expensive but totally worth it Phyto Corrective Gel from SkinCeuticals. A couple of drops in the morning and my skin no longer feels tight after washing, but doesn't get oily (or at least, not as oily) during the day.
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  • BlackCherryChutneyBlackCherryChutney Registered Users Posts: 65
    I finally ended up buying Olay total.. SPF 15. i really like how my skin feels and looks. but its just been 3 days.. lets see how it goes.
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    all the cetaphil stuff is awesome.. found in drugstore.. great for breakout prone skin
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