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Hi everyone! I'm Fluffle Head.

I'm a girl who has naturally 3b hair, who decided to get it chemically straightened, Japanese style a few months ago. The problem is, it turned into a straw hat and couldn't even hold a curl from a curling iron.

After that ordeal, I grew it out but kept straightening it. I have clip-in extensions, rollers, every iron you could think name it! The last time I really wore my hair curly was years ago, and even then I just put it back into a bun because I didn't know how to deal with it.

I found this site, and I'm beginning to think that I could actually have "pretty" curls instead of the dried out swamp thing that I constantly battle. Right now, I'm waiting for my hair to grow out a little bit more. My ends are straight and my roots are curly; I would certainly say that I'm transitioning into curlyhood once again. Maybe if I follow this site, I can moisturize my ends so they can get ziggy again.

Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to transitioning with the rest of you! :)



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    I feel your pain; LOL. I, too, am growing out a thermal reconditioning. I've been growing it out for 2 1/2 years (my TR'd hair was about 4-5 inches past my bra strap in the back and I have not been willing to chop it all off.) I've been curling my ends to match my natural hair. I had layers cut all over the place when I was straight so growing them out has been a pain. I have a mix of 3b/3c and some 4a. Good luck! I hope your hair grow quickly for you! :)
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    Good luck on transitioning! How long is your hair now? How much natural do you have/what's your average growth rate/month? What are your goals?

    I've been transitioning through my first (and only from now on!) Japanese straightening treatment for about 8 months. I'm lucky my hair isn't extremely curly at the roots, so for me it's not been too bad- but I do and have always had extreme frizz, so that's my main monster right now.

    I know the swamp thing you speak of! I had just transitioned to the point where my hair was just an inch or so past my shoulders, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I got another a line inverted bob cut on Friday, so the back is shorter and the front is longer. Long hair is certainly my ultimate goal, but holy CRAP is TR'ed hair a real b**** to comb out, condition, cleanse, etc! I was doing everything right- using conditioners and oils, silk pillow case, cleansing once a week and co-washing, no heat, DT once a week, protein treats, etc etc etc, and NOTHING was helping me. I can't even get it to curl with a curling iron! The only thing that helped get some curl back in were curlformers, but they looked kinda fake and were really hard to get right in the back of my head. Luckily they were easy to get right in the front of my hair, so maybe I can continue to transition the front of the hair that way. My back is almost completely natural now, I'm so excited! It's SO soft again and that makes me so happy, because I can finally comb it without 50 million snags and hear the breakage.

    It's a long journey, but it's so worth it! You have a beautiful natural curl texture, and there are so many on this site in that range that have the most envious hair! Just keep reading this site and taking care of your natural and relaxed hair! Good luck! :mrgreen:
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