To cut or not to cut...

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My five year-old daughter, who I believe is a 3c, has never had a hair cut. Her hair now hangs only a few inches below her chin but it is down the middle of her back if I pull it straight when it's wet. It's hard to tell, but it sort of looks like it might be a little longer on one side than the other. I'm really hesitant to cut this hair because several people have told me that the key to taming it is allowing it to acquire more length. Still, when it is dry, it looks like a bush that needs shaping.

Should we just wait it out and hope that it calms down with more length or is there a kind of cut that is ideal for her hair type? The hair needs a gallon of product just to look the way it does in my avatar. It's absolutely wild.


  • Kris&herKurlyKidsKris&herKurlyKids Registered Users Posts: 55
    Is your DD a Georgia? My DD is a 5 year old Georgia too. That's her hair in my avi. My DD's hair has grown in uneven in the back. I do want to trim it up over time to even it up, but I'm hesitant to trim until the uneven part catches up some more b/c I don't wan to lose the length, which she and I love.

    What are you using in her hair?

    I'm sort of doing the Tightly Curly method for my DD right now - although I don't stick to conditioner only as recommended in the book.
    Me: 2c, medium-coarse, thick
    Began my mod-CG routine May 2010

    DD (6 yo): 3c (tightly-curly girl) - now loving KCCC for her!
    DS (3 yo): a mix of 3b/3c/4a

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