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I saw that one of my friends joined a Facebook group called:

"Omg I wish I had curly hair!"... STFU no you dont. Trust me.

(didn't mean to capitalize it like that...)

Anyways, there are so many negative wall posts, like "I straighten my hair every day!" "I hate my hair" and even some straighties saying "I would hate to have curly hair".

The thing that bothers me the most is the posts of the group owner. They say things like "Love the comments! Let's get more members!". They even once posted this:

"Also for the people who have straight hair and now admit they lied when they said they wished they had that curly haired persons hair."

These groups make me sick. I felt so insulted! And what's worse, I bet these people have no idea what they're missing. The only reason I "Liked" the page was to recommend this site!
(I am proud of the other curlies that I saw who recommended!):mrgreen:

Sorry for the rant, but I find this kind of thing unbelievable. I hope these people get out of the curl-hating slump.
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  • Emma.xEmma.x Registered Users Posts: 17
    This group is just ridiculous! Straight haired people do not know what theyre missing out on. Natural curlies can have the feminine cascading curls done up look whenever they want, free of charge and with little to no effort. We have the option to wear our hair however we want! Straighties on the other hand...
    Haa :D xxx
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  • emthefantasticalemthefantastical Registered Users Posts: 963 Curl Novice
    ugh these groups bother me so much. i know they shouldn't, but they do and i can't help but take it personally just a little bit. there's one that a couple of my facebook friends have joined that is something along the lines of "i'm sorry i'm frying you hair but you look so much better straight" and that one upsets me. all i want to do is write on their wall "hey i bet you wouldn't feel that way if you actually knew how to take care of your hair".
    i know it's your own decision to straighten your hair and i don't think there's anything wrong with doing it once in awhile but the obvious curl bashing these groups do just makes me mad.
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  • justme16justme16 Registered Users Posts: 36
    that group is horrible. if hair could read and do what it wants it would be seriously depressed. i can't believe people would say such horrible things about hair. that's like so unnecessary really!
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  • lovelovelovelovelovelove Registered Users Posts: 257
    In my mind, people who straighten their hair everyday are automatically more ignorant than someone who doesn't. Embracing your hair is like embracing yourself! God, people don't realise that when they insult their own curly hair, they're insulting others.
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