Anyone willing to do this with me? maybe a little extreme.

CuzzoercCuzzoerc Registered Users Posts: 164
alrighty I'm doing this as of yesterday.
only drink water, milk, coffee and 100% juice.

NO MORE: soda, processed tea, juice mixes, corn syrup, honey, concentrated products or alcohol.

no cheating when you're alone =)
and no "cheat days"

so who would go in on this with me?
the point is to cut a lot of sugar/fat. and just dead weight caused from indulging.


  • curlypearlcurlypearl Registered Users Posts: 12,231 Curl Connoisseur
    Sure! I think its a great idea. I actually don't think it's extreme. If we do just that, we are making a great contribution to our health.

    I tend to avoid those things anyway. My indulgences run to fat/salt things like cheese. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I won't find this onerous.

    Sign me up :salute:

    ETA I'm assuming plain tea, like Lipton is OK?
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  • CuzzoercCuzzoerc Registered Users Posts: 164
    yea I guess that tea is ok. I'm just trying to stay as natural as possible with 0% additives.
  • ninadefninadef Registered Users Posts: 243
    I just finished a month of only drinking water and japanese green tea. I guess I'm a tad more extreme.

    I do this once a year to prove to myself that I'm not an alcoholic :occasion5:.

    I don't miss wine (that much) but I miss coffee every day all month!

    I usually loose 4 kilos, but they do sneak back on.
  • Like.AustraliaLike.Australia Registered Users Posts: 2,544
    Hmm.. this is all I drink anyway, with the addition of fresh-brewed unsweetened tea. I'm in! :)
  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Chocolate or vanilla soy milk keeps me out, right?
  • CuzzoercCuzzoerc Registered Users Posts: 164
    Hey Ninja, you can be in sure.

    I won't have any soy milk cause of the estrogen in it.

    I'm male, so estrogen not so good for me
    you curly ladies have at the soy.

    I'm really trying to lose these pesky 3lbs off my lower abs. my 4 pack is good but these last bottom 2 are really a lot of work.

    my work outs are real solid every week, I'm just trying to eliminate a bunch of sugar.
  • yv0nneyv0nne Registered Users Posts: 372
    I don't find this extreme at all ..I only drink water, 100% pure orange juice, milk and a recovery drink lol

    Today was the day that I put everything in perspective!
    I fell asleep, when I woke up, everything changed.*--
  • aaa00aaaa00a Registered Users Posts: 284
    This is by no means extreme.

    I only ever drink water.
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  • CuzzoercCuzzoerc Registered Users Posts: 164
    Wow 0_0

    it looks like I'm jumping on this wagon late in life hahaa?
  • EliniousElinious Registered Users Posts: 10
    I know this thread is a month old but I wonder how things turned out for all of you?

    I want to do this starting tomorrow. I don't drink coffee often, and when I do I need some sugar in it, so I'll be skipping coffee as well. So for me it's water, milk, tea (w/o adding sugar/milk) and 100% juice...

    Seems like a really nice challenge. I hope I'll remember when I'm at work, lol.
  • SandraDgroovySandraDgroovy Registered Users Posts: 139
    I do this when I prep for fitness competitions, and my body loves this. I only LOTS OF drink water, black coffee, and Japanese green tea.
    Sandra, RN & fitness competitor.

    Transitioning since 4/2008, with no plans to BC

  • Selena33Selena33 Registered Users Posts: 18
    I already don't drink the ones you listed. So yes, I can do this with you. ;)

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