Weird Frizzy Pieces

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My hair is actually taking to the (mod) CG method quite well. I have been cowashing with Suave Naturals, and using a cheap clear CG-friendly gel (which I don't like because it flakes, but it does work). I just got Taliah Waajid Lock It Up as a replacement, but haven't used it yet.

The only problem is that I have these straighter 2a pieces on either side of the back of my head that when I scrunch out the gel and go outside, they immediately frizz out (mostly straight). I tried to get a pic, but the camera would not cooperate up close enough.

How do you deal with frizzies in high humidity/dew point, especially on pieces that don't have a very strong curl pattern?
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    I do a few things: First, I use a hard-hold gel in high dews. Second, I make sure I'm geting enough moisture/protein - if my balance is off, it causes frizz. And third: after I SOTC, I'll use a little hair butter (I use Spiral Solutions) to get rid of some of the frizzies. A little goes a LONG way.
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    I find that using a small dab of pomade (anti-humectant) and scrunching it into my hair after it is dry on high dew point days really helps control frizz. I use MOP Glisten High Shine Pomade.
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