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The hair at the back of my head seems to have the most natural wave/curl/kink to it and was always the hardest part of my hair to straighten and the first to start to frizz/curl when it was humid. Not sure if it was natural or due to heat damage, but the front of my hair was always the least curly and it would get more textured as you moved backwards.

Now that I've gone CG and plop my hair to dry it, I have coils in the front and coils starting to form on the sides. The back, though, remains super wavy/kinky (like tight but flat Ss) but doesn't form a true spiral. I have a feeling that the back curls are getting pulled out by plopping since my hair isn't quite long enough to fully pile on top of my head. I've had some success with dampening and re-scrunching the back, but there is still less coiling than I would think given how strong the wave pattern seems to be compared to the rest of my hair.

Any suggestions? Plopping has been so helpful for the rest of my head of hair, that I'm reluctant to give it up, but maybe I need a method that works better for my length?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    That's like mine too! The back is more textured, etc. I used to find plopping really didn't help at all for the back, but was great for the frontal pieces- sounds a lot like what you're having problems with. I've had my hair BSL and really short, and it always the same in regards to plopping. Pulled out the back, popped the front.

    Honestly, the one thing that really help the back was when I diffused. Diffusing helped all over yes, but for the back especially it seemed necessary. It was always weird to me because I thought the back shouldn't have a problem forming spirals when it was SO much more textured than the front.

    And of course it depended on using the right products, but that's no matter what's going on :laughing5:.
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