PTs as leave ins

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I know some of you do do you do it? Do you do it everyday or less frequently? Do you apply to dry or wet hair? After a wash or as a refresher? How much do you use? Do you do it when you know you're gonna wash again soon? Any products work better than others? I'm thinking about trying this with SS RPT, but I'm not sure on the details, so I'm asking before doing. Thanks all! ")

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    SSRPT is the only PT I've used as a leave-in, mostly because even thought it packs a lot of protein, it's pretty gentle.

    I definitely don't do it every day - probably once or twice a week, max, if I'm feeling like my waves are being lazy. The last time I did it, I used between a nickel and a quarter size?

    It's a good option for me, because I often forget to do a PT, especially in the busy summer months.
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