Just curious if this is okay?

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Usually, I use a regular conditioner as a leave in, and then put olive oil and the clear Ecostyler gel in, and top it off with a bit of mousse on my endss to way it down.
But I was just curiouss if mixing the conditioner and gel together, like the above website says to do, would make a difference? I already mixed them together, but i havn't used it yet because the mixture looks...wierd....Maybe it's just the color throwing me off, because it took on the cloudy peach color of the v05 moisture milks conditioner.

But will that make a difference?

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    Hmm... This sounds interesting. I would use this as a wash-n-go leave-in to provide hold. I'm willing to give this a try and report back, though I don't know when. I can't see why it would be harmful to hair, as long as the conditioner has the opportunity to reach the hair (in other words, you're not applying gel first and then conditioner on top, which would prevent the hair from being moisturized by the conditioner), so I think this could be fine. If I get around to doing it, I'll check back in here. :happy8:
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