Growing out with or without relaxed/texturized ends

taltaltaltal Registered Users Posts: 614
Will hair grow faster if the relaxed/texturized parts/ends are cut, or will it grow at the same pace regardless of whether the chemically processed ends are cut or kept.
In other words, will cutting of all the chemically processed ends make ones hair grow faster, or will it grow at the same rate as it would if just transitioning ?


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    It will grow at the same rate, however, the two different textures (natural and chemically processed) they require different caring techniques. If you are not careful with the two breakage will negate the growth.
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  • taltaltaltal Registered Users Posts: 614
    Thanks MissConstructed.
    What would proper care be ?
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    I agree with MissConstructed.

    For care, I would recomend being extremely gentle with your hair and taking your time. You dont want the relaxed ends to break off. Most of the time I wore head scarves and twisted my hair underneath. I also wore twists and roller sets.

    Your main goal should be to protect your hair as much as you can during your transition. If the relaxed ends start to break off from maltreatment or neglect then your will be forced to cutt off the rest.

    good luck!
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    I am growing out a texturizer- the last time was March of this year. It's a bit better for me, because at least the chemically treated hair is wavy, and not stick straight. A texturizer does leave random textures all over your head, though- some pieces are straight, some wavy, some's what inspired me to grow it out in the first place. I want my own natural texture from roots to ends! That being said, I have been doing wash and goes, and moisture, moisture, MOISTURE! I like Qhemet AOHC and BRBC, and curl junkie prods...I don't do too much manipulation, and when I see an end piece that looks real stringy/wispy, I take a very sharp hair scissors and clip it off...HTH. Good luck
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