Miss Jessies lot for sale

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For sale or swap with Oyin or Jane Carter, Qhemets, or Mozeke products only. Make me a reasonable offer, you pay shipping.

MJ Creme de la Creme (used once)
MJ Creme de la Curl (used once)
MJ Curly Meringue (90% full) 16oz jar
MJ Curly Pudding (90% full) 160z jar
MJ rapid Recovery (90% full) 16oz
MJ Super Sweetback (NEW) 16oz
( SOLD) MJ Baby Buttercream (90%full) 16oz (SOLD!)

make me a reasonable offer, you pay shipping.

I also have the following available:
Hesh: 2.50 each

1 1/2 boxes Amla
4 Maka
2 Shikaikai
2 Heenara
1 Neem

Scalp Remedy 10.00
Scalp Benefits condish 5.00
Scalp benefits shampoo 10.00
Detox Shampoo 10.00
AO Jojoba and Aloe Desert Conditioner (NEW) 8.00


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    pmed you a question...
  • MochaTaiMochaTai Posts: 197Registered Users
  • MochaTaiMochaTai Posts: 197Registered Users
    Does anyone have KCCC or KCNT they are willing to swap for MJCP or MJCM??
    Anyone with OYIN HHC or OYIN BSP or OYIN Whipped Pudding? Or any Mozeke products? Qhemet's line?
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    pm'd u
    BIG CHOP: DECEMBER 3, 2009
    Pre-poo: Warm olive oil
    Shampoo: Cream of Nature
    co-wash: VO5 or Suauve
    Deep Condish: Lustersilks Shea Butter Cholesterol, Elasta QP Intense
    Moisturizers: homemade shea mix, S-curl, Afroveda Curl Define