which brandof color?

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I want to color my hair, but want to know which is the gentleless, which is CG (if any), which don't contain ammonia, or bleach, or just any that you all have had sucess with, that weren't damanging. Has anyone tried henna, is that good for your hair? Or are there any "natural" products like coffee or tea? Sorry for all the questions, I am extremely curious.


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    Any permanent color in the store or the salon contains ammonia. Your best bet for haircolor that is the least damaging are the semi/demi-permanents that say no ammonia. Henna is about as natural as you can go, as it is just henna powder and water. Bear in mind that henna cannot lift color, so you can only change your tone or go darker. If you have darker hair and are applying henna, you will get a bit of a cast to your hair, but not an overall shade change.

    As far as CG goes, I'd read the labels of the colors. Your best bet if you're doing the semi-permanents is to get the ones they stock at the co-ops or whole foods/natural food stores.

    Good luck! :)
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    Color by Robert Craig is permanent, and it's peroxide and ammonia free. It cannot lift color but is great for covering gray or adding a new tint to your hair. :) It's very gentle and lots of CG girls use it too.

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    Adding my praises to the Robert Craig :)
    You should at least try it!
    Good Luck
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    thanks for all your help I will look into the robert craig color, and also check out the semi perminant stuff too, I really appericate the fast replies, Thanks again!!

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