Can I use just ACV Only?

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Hey girls, Im fairly new here and still learning the ropes...
Well I recently realized that I was using a lot of chemicals in general, hair, lotions..etc. Well I found some all natural organic products that I love! Well they sell shampoo, all natural and I have been using that. Well I realized that I have been using it too often, and with this shampoo you only use a vinegar rinse. Which this method is new to me as well...

Well since being on here I know that I have been shampooing waaayy to often! Like every other day. Well this week is a new week! I shampooed Monday and used the vinegar rinse. And I havent done anything with it since, and it still looks pretty good...

So now Im wondering could I just use a vinegar rinse without any shampoo? Like once a week or twice a week?
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    Although I've tried low-pooing and like Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat, I've found that using ACV rinses every three weeks or so is enough for me.

    I'm one of the water-washing not co-washing types and with the CG products I've been using that has been enough. I actually do something similar to the Spritz and Condish washing method [link] and it's been great for my hair!

    Every three weeks or so I do an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify my hair and get rid of build up and that works great!
    ACV rinse (to clarify and add shine)
    Apply after conditioning with a rinse out:
    About a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 1.5 cups of cold water.
    (Both the mild acidity and the temperature help seal the cuticle and add shine.)
    Afterwards I apply some more conditioner as a leave-in, then styling products.
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