i have a confession...

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i helped put a perm in my step nieces hair. they are 7 or 8 i believe. their hair has been like severely damaged and im talking like really really REALLY damaged. so my sister being a wonderful step mom decides to put a perm in the twins hair.

it was a just for me perm and it wasn't too strong because majority of their curls survived. and they were saying they wanted their hair like mines and the little happy girl on the box.

the oldest twin was looking at curlynikki.com with me and was like ooh i like her hair and all that. and i tried to explain to her that they didnt get perms or whatever but it seemed to go over her head and through her ears.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, but if their hair is already severly damaged a relaxer will only increase the problem.
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    As being one that had a relaxer at a young age, I really don't agree with it. It starts off pretty but just thins out as the years go by. And if the little girl said she liked curly hair, good you explained that that little girl didn't receive relaxers. you should have showed her relaxed hair and made it clear that once she relaxes her hair it will not be able to be curly, unless she started all over

    they'll get older and realize :)

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    :-( and yet another cycle begins...

    I guess this will never stop as long as the women in these little girls lives are taking the easy way out rather than taking the time to nurture and care for their hair.
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