desalinated water damage - Dubai

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Wondering if anyone who has lived/is living or visited the Middle East has dealt with desalinated water damaging their hair? I am sure other places in the world have desalinated water, but the first time I encountered it was in Dubai.

I live in Seattle and until my extended vacation (2.5 months) to Dubai at the beginning of this year, I loved my 2b/3a hair. However, while there it fell out in clumps in the shower and became extremely dry and brittle and now that I am back home in Seatte (for 2 months now) it continues to break off and fall out :(

My hair is MUCH thinner, drier, and impossible to deal with.

Have been to the Dr. and iron and thyroid are normal....

My main concern is hoping that it will grow back!

Has anyone else had this problem?

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