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I keep finding myself in the same dilemma with my hair time and time again...I relax it to give it length and to make my curls easier to work with, but I know it isn't good for my hair. However, when I don't relax it, it is just too hard for me to take care of and work with. I always go through these phases where I chop all of my hair off and try to start natural, but I always revert back to relaxing because it just makes my hair easier to work with. Does anyone else do this? I try to take really good care of my hair with moisturizing and using good products, and I only relax once every four months or so, but I do notice my hair falls out and I'm not sure if this is just natural or if it is exacerbated by the relaxing, which I'm sure it probably is. I guess I'm looking for some guidance with this...Any thoughts?

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