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I'm a new member and have to say, this place rocks. I rather hope that I'll be having a few natural good hair days now without the straightener.

I have a question about going from wen cleansing condish routines to a silicone-free no-poo. I have been using wen for about a year now, and whilst I do like it, and it was an improvement, it never did stop the frizz. I live in the tropics which doesn't help, but I think it might help my hair to go silcone-free.

But I wonder, after using wen for a year, which has silcone, should I use a normal shampoo to remove the build up so I can start afresh with a no-poo routine?

And has anyone used MYHoneyChild Hair Reformer Scalp Cleanser. I rather like the fact that its natural (and uses coconut). btw, I think I'm a 3a but could be a 2b, hard to tell from the example pics as there are some that appear in all of them! Would upload a pic but camera not working. My hair is fine, thin, definitely prone to frizz, and I discovered after using wen that it was a lot curlier than I thought!



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    Yes, use a silicone free shampoo to wash out the buildup.
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    I don't know anything about the My Honey Child so unfortunately I can't help with that. However, I have used Wen in the past, and now use No Poo. When I was using Wen the only cone in it was amodimethicone, which according to some is water-soluble, and shouldn't need to be removed with shampoo. No-Poo contains coco betaine, which is an actual surfactant (cleanser), and it should effectively remove amodimethicone with no problem. However, I know Wen has different forumalations depending on where you purchase it. If you order it from the site, it contains cheaper ingredients which include a different silicone, that should theoretically be able to be removed with No-Poo. Some people experience build up with certain cones, and some people find they have no problems with it, it depends on you and your hair. One shampoo after a year of not using any isn't going to make much difference as far as the health of your hair overall, however, if you can remove the silicones without a shampoo it'd be better for your hair. It's really up to you. I know I've blabbered on long enough, hopefully this was helpful.

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    Have you been using the styling cream or just the cleansing conditioner? The Wen styling cream contains non-water soluble cones so if you've been using it that could be the problem. As smasters467 said, the cleansing conditioner has water soluble cones in it and I don't personally find it to cause build up in my hair. I use Wen cleansing conditioner (the fig and lavender) as a cowash and also as a leave-in. However, I also use a gel or other finishing products to help with curl formation, etc.
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    I used to use wen, and even the amodimethicone in the cleansing condish caused me buildup. I ended up with flaking crud on my scalp from it. I think my hair is just too dense for it, and admittedly my hair is finicky on what water soluable cones it likes (so far it just likes the PEG modified one in the CJ I use). I went the opposite way with Wen, my wurls got pulled out from the cone. I do use Devacare No Poo and CJDFCC though with no problems. I've used a few MHC products, but they were all too heavy for my hair. Never used the cleansers though.
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    I think I have too much silicone... this would explain the waxy feeling with Wen. I have been using it for about 6 months and although it helps with detangling it has not helped at all with frizz.
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