How did you over come this?

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Does a stylist have to straighten your hair before it is cut? Maybe I just never thouht of his but I just wanted to make sure this was normal. For those who went through this how did you resist the temptation to go back to relaxing? I didn't want to waste my parent's money on styling so I kept it straight for over a week before I washed again. I don't think abou it that much now but it's kind of tough to bring yourself to wash it out and leave that behind again. It's hard enough when you are transitioning without wearin your hair straight. :sad1:
6 months into transitioning! :lol:
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    No, your hair does not have to be straight before cutting/trimming. It's actually better for your to be left curly and cut dry instead of blown straight. You can always twist your hair and cut the very ends of the twists for a DIY trim.
    As far as resisting the temptation to go back to the relaxer. Try playing with different styles so you don't get bored.
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