How does baby shampoo rate?

Is something like for example Johnson and Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash or their regular Baby Shampoo considered No Poo, Low Poo, or is it just as bad and typical shampoo?


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    Johnson and Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash contains a sulfate, so it's as bad as regular shampoo. I have very sensitive skin and have used it for years as a body wash. It's also a great face wash!

    If you're looking for a low-poo, the Curl Chemist writes that you'll need one that contains either cocamidopropyl betaine, cocobetaine. I've been doing some research about baby shampoo/wash and here's what I've found...these are sulfate free and contain one of the ingredients mentioned (I get the ingredient list off the internet which may or may not be accurate - so double check!). I found all of them at

    Burt's Bees Baby Bee Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash, Natures Baby Organics Shampoo and Body Wash Vanilla Tangerine (lots of protein), Avalon Baby Gentle Tear-Free Shampoo and Body Wash, Johnson's Soothing Naturals Hair and Body Wash, Jason Natural Cosmetics Earth's Best Organic Shampoo and Body Wash Lavender.

    California Baby makes a couple that are sulfate free, but don't contain cocamidopropyl betaine or cocobetaine.

    I know way too much about baby wash for not ever having had a baby - LOL!
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    I use Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo for curly hair on my 6 mth old daughter. She has 3B curls and it seems to do a good job on her hair. I don't think it has Sulfates in it! It has a cone in it I think though!
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    Its all about the ingredients. I use baby shampoo because that's the only sulfate shampoo I could find that was cheap. It has no sulfates, first ingredient is spring water and lots of oils like jojoba etc. I think it does a pretty good job and my hair is very fine and easily weighed down (brand is avado organics but I doubt very much you can get it in the US thou)
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    I used baby shampoo when I first started mod cg 6 years ago and I don't recommend it, especially not Johnsons. The reason is that the PH is too high (more base). Baby shampoos often have a PH close to water to prevent stinging if it gets in the eyes. But hair and skin prefer a lower (more acid) PH than that. California Baby is better choice, but I still think its PH is a little on the high side. High PH on the hair can cause dullness and frizz. On the skin, it breaks down the acid mantle, a protective barrier. The breaking down of the acid mantle can cause breakouts.

    If you decided to go the baby shampoo route, follow with an ACV rinse to restore the PH of your hair, but take note that the ACV can be drying if you do it too often.

    On the whole you are better off with a low poo like Deva Lo Poo or [buylink=]Kinky Curly Come Clean[/buylink] (I'd say go with Deva), or better yet,a no poo/cleansing conditioner with coco betaine like [buylink=]Deva No Poo[/buylink] or Curl Junkie Daily Fix (I like the Daily Fix a lot).
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    I am so not a fan of Johnson and Johnson, they had a massive issue a few years back with weird chemicals in their baby wash, no thank you! I would just go with a regular low or no poo option :)

    For my baby, I use Dr. Bronner's Castile soap on his body, and I just started doing baking soda and ACV on his hair since it's starting to come in more curly :)
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